Summary Annual Report
and Accounts 2013/2014

Organisations of all kinds are surrounded by an increasingly rapid pace of change. The Northgate companies — NGA Human Resources and Northgate Public Services — are in the business of helping our clients not just to manage change, but to lead in driving and capitalising on change. We apply our market expertise, technical know-how and global service capabilities to help organisations manage their business-critical issues — and deliver people-critical results.

This is our perspective on three critical drivers of change today, and what we can expect in the future.

Read how NGA Human Resources (NGA) and Northgate Public Services (NPS) have applied their insight to deliver leading solutions in their respective industries.

Expertise:How are today’s best practices evolving and what will they enable in the future?
Technology:How will technology help us meet the changing needs of our clients and their constituents?
Services:How are evolving customer expectations driving change in managed services?

Northgate Information Solutions provides technology solutions and services for human resources management through our NGA Human Resources division, while Northgate Public Services provides solutions and services to public sector organisations.

NGA Human Resources

NGA Human Resources is a global leader in helping organisations transform their business-critical HR operations to deliver more effective and efficient people-critical services.

We help our clients become better employers through smarter, more streamlined business processes — to save money, manage employee life cycles and support globally connected, agile organisations. This is how NGA makes HR work.

What sets us apart is The NGA Advantage. It’s a combination of deep HR expertise and insight, advanced technology platforms and applications, and a global portfolio of flexible service delivery options.

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Northgate Public Services

Northgate Public Services plays a unique role in the delivery of efficient and effective public services. We have built an understanding of, and been committed to, the complex, changing and often challenging business of delivering services in local and central government, safety and healthcare. We help public service providers reduce costs and deliver people-critical services.

The strength of these foundations is The Northgate Advantage, a combination of deep public sector expertise and insight, our advanced technology platforms and applications, and a portfolio of flexible service delivery options.

Our commitment to understand our customers’ needs and the needs of their customer, the citizen, is what allows us to deliver business-critical capabilities which positively impact upon the lives of millions of people.

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